The building is proudly managed by a dedicated onsite JLL team lead by General Manager Joe Sullivan and Senior Engineering Manager Lim Ng. Providing premium tenant service daily include our team’s Operation and Building Supervisor Faisal Khan and Workplace Manager Irene Moutafis.

If you wish to contact us, please do not hesitate to email our building Concierge, or call +61 3 9967 5450 (also 24/7 Building security) who may assist with or redirect your enquiry.


Joe Sullivan

General Manager

03 96967 5454

Joe is responsible for the overall operational and financial performance of the Asset and Building Management Team with many years’ experience in managing large assets and driving a culture of operational and financial efficiency and value-add Premium customer service to tenants.

Joe’s role encompasses onsite senior leadership and strategic direction to the onsite building management team in all financial, operational, risk and future planning areas. Joe is the key onsite contact in relation to tenancy space planning, leasing and tenant retention. The General manager will ensure tenants comply with the various financial elements and legal requirements of their respective leases and licences.

Lim Ng

Engineering Services Manager

0422 008 408

Lim ensures overall efficient day-to-day and technical operation of the building. This includes senior supervision of all service contracts covering general maintenance, plumbing & electrical, as well as the building access security, lift, mechanical, fire and control maintenance contracts.

Lim is responsible for ensuring the Clients sustainability and operational objectives are met within budget, and consider the lifecycle of the building to ensure the appropriate maintenance is carried out to the Building and its surrounds. Lim’s role encompasses tenant fitout management, risk management, incident management and auditing/testing requirements, capital works management, tendering and procurement and cost expense management.

Irma Virginia

Finance Manager

All financial aspects of our Assets are co-ordinated by the Finance Manager. Irma works closely with all members of the management team to ensure we deliver on our asset plan for the property.

Irma is responsible for developing and monitoring the annual budget and forecast processes and manages all financial aspects including the payment of suppliers, monitoring the annual budget and reporting.



28 Freshwater Place Concierge with onsite 24/7 Security

+61 3 9967 5450

All property, operation and security tenant enquiries will be reviewed and delegated by the concierge for resolution. For emergencies, contact local police immediately and also base building security via telephone. Security officers are first aid trained, have access to defibrillation equipment and can assist in coordinating police, fire, and ambulance access to the property including via the goods lift.

Faisal Khan

Property Services / Operations Supervisor

0423 798 916

Faisal both assists the building engineer and greater team with the day-to-day operational activities of the property.

The building supervisor is a key point of contact for tenants in relation to base building tenant service request and undertakes daily contractor management/supervision, co-ordination of preventative repair and maintenance and data collection.

Irene Moutafis

Workplace Manager

0412 586 273

General property management and tenant workplace focus including tenant interaction, lease administration, marketing, and accounts. Irene works closely with the Finance Manager on accounting / lease administration with the General Manager. Irene’s role encompasses assistance on the leasing and tenant retention programme, carpark and End of Trip, access card management, customer relationship management and our annual marketing and branding programme to continuously improve, develop and deliver our Customer Service platform to our tenants.

Irene manages the day-to-day operation of the leases and licences with the tenants. This includes accounts receivable and making sure all tenants comply with the various financial elements and legal requirements of their respective leases & licences.


Twenty8 Freshwater Place features state of the art End of Trip facilities for our active tenants. The local precinct includes access to Melbourne’s best cycling & running tracks including the renowned Tan Track within a 10 minute walk circulating the beautiful Botanical Gardens. Whether you run, gym or ride a bike the Twenty8 Freshwater Place End of Trip facility will inspire you.

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Only About Children Southbank early learning and kindergarten centre is located within Freshwater Place and offers a fantastic premium experience for kids and their parents. Onsite care for children which is convenient and keenly sought after by all tenants.

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Short on time? Our foyer concierge are here as a central point of contact to help you wherever they can and from the central Piazza visit the onsite IGA Supermarket which offers a wide range of fresh food, ready made meals, general produce and liquor, they can also do your dry cleaning. Other daily needs that can be met within the precinct include medical centre, banking ATMs, 7/11 convenience store, wide variety of cafes and restaurants and public car parking.

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